About Code.Parents()

Code.Parents() is for people with little or no prior computing experience, who would like to be better prepared to encourage and support children in starting to explore coding.

While volunteering in primary schools we often find that parents are intrigued but mystified by the activities that their children were exploring in the code club. Many want to know more, but don’t know where to start - this site is for anyone in a similar position.

Despite the website name, we want to help everyone, not just parents, but couldn’t find an all-inclusive, yet short and meaningful domain name. Started by Ben Seymour, who is an I.T. professional based near Oxford (U.K.), former teacher, Code Club volunteer and parent of two children who are currently of Primary School age.

If you’re still uncertain as to the benefits of learning to code, maybe have a look at “Why Code?” …otherwise, let’s get started

Why Code