Code Parents - reboot

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Welcome to Code.Parents().

At the time of writing, I see two main audiences for this site. 1) None/less-technical adults looking for support and guidance in helping children explore coding. 2) People with more technical or educational skills, looking to share their experiences and to contribute to the site.

The previous version of the Code.Parents() site was hand coded, and while it was a lot of fun putting it together, the workflow for content updates was somewhat manual, and made it harder for other people to access and update.

The code for this site is now on a public github repo (an open store of code which )

You can see the repo here :

This means that other (technical) contributors can fork (copy) the code and submit a PR (an offer to submit their updates) in order to push their contributions live on the site.

The build process utilises Jekyll, and is hosted on GitHub-Pages – link to blog post about Jekyll, and gh-pages….